Seriously.  Stop conflating speed with size.  

Let’s take a look at their starting lineup from Game Six against Dallas on Thursday night:

Baron Davis [6’ 3”, 215]   
Jason Richardson [6’ 6”, 225]
Matt Barnes [6’ 7”, 235]
Stephen Jackson [6’ 8”, 218 (pssshhh)]
Andres Biedrins [6’ 11”, 245]

The rest:

Al Harrington [6’ 9”, 245]
Mickael Pietrus [6’ 6”, 215]
Monte Ellis [6’ 3”, 177]

Small?  Small?  

The relevant question in the series against Utah is not how Golden State is going to contend with the sizable Utah frontcourt, but how Derek Fisher or anyone else on the Jazz roster that plays the 2 is going to contend with a brutishly physical Warrior backcourt.  Jason Richardson has a career average of 5.4 rpg, and Baron Davis is built like a fullback.