A nice hat tip to Clipper Derrick who turned us on to this piece from nba.com, a report of a survey of 44 incoming NBA rookies.  It's one thing to be heralded by Chad Ford or DraftExpress -- solid sources indeed -- but any public professional will tell you that the praise of colleagues carries much more weight.  The survey asked each rookie a series of questions like, "Which rookie is most ready to contribute right away?"  Al Thornton earned a whole lot of praise. 

Asked "Which rookie is the most athletic?" Al Thornton was the leading vote-getter with 31.8% of the vote.  Thornton placed second in the "Which rookie is being most overlooked?" category, and tied for third in "Who will be the 2007-08 Rookie of the Year?" In addition, he tied for fourth in "Which rookie is most ready to contribute right away?" and picked up one vote for "Which rookie will play in the most All-Star games before his career is over?"

Jared Jordan received two votes for "Which rookie do you know the least about?" and a single vote for both "Which rookie is being most overlooked?" and "Which rookie is the best playmaker?"

Asked "Which current NBA player are you most looking forward to playing against?" one rookie responded "Quinton Ross."