•    There’s not much we can glean from exhibition basketball.  The lineups throughout the course of the game are like those David statue fridge magnets that you can dress with atrociously assembled outfits –Dickau, Korolev, Thornton, Powell, Davis at one point during the second quarter. 

•    Stats that jump off the box score:

Guillermo Diaz: 7-9 FG in 18 minutes.  Ballhog…but tonight he made it work.  He likes that little VladRad spot at the right garden along the arc.

12 Team Turnovers: Not bad at all, particularly in a preseason game.

Yaroslav Korolev: 2-6 FG in 15 minutes, missing both free throws, zero rebounds, zero assists.  

Josh Powell: Five fouls in 23+ minutes. 

Marcus Camby: 23 rebounds in 24+ minutes.

•    The Clippers, in their first offensive set of the scheduled season, go into Ruben Patterson in the post, where he hits a left-handed hook.  I don’t think the Clips can expect much from Patterson in the halfcourt, though he’ll pick up his share of garbage off the offensive glass. 

•    The Clippers seem to run a fair amount.  Absent Brand, and with Kaman, Mobley, and Cassell [for the most part] sitting, that’s no surprise.  They also pressured the ball a great deal, and that’s encouraging.

•    The Clips’ bread-and-butter this season, demonstrated tonight, will be Maggette in transition to the hoop.  If that strategy is going to be successful, Corey has to get it going from beyond eighteen feet.

•    One of the primary concerns headed into the season is that the Clippers, one of the better rebounding teams over the past few seasons, are going to get killed on the boards.  We can already concede that the team’s prowess on the offensive glass is neutralized by Brand’s absence.  But if the Clippers don’t want to lose 55 games, they have to overcome the fact that Tim Thomas is their power forward.  Maggette’s a plus rebounder at the 3, and Kaman can work the glass, but the guards aren’t going to give the Clips much and, needless to say, Thomas is worthless in the defensive rebounding column.   Naturally tonight TT goes out and secures seven rebounds in 27 minutes.  He needs to be this active in the regular season. 

•    Was that a Stacey Augmon sighting?  Was Moses Scurry in the building?