Hat Tip: Lawler's Law

From Chris Kaman's interview with Nebojsa Petrovacki:

We had this game against Miami and other games where we wanted them, and it's frustrating to be tied up with almost a minute and a half left and give games away like that, with turnovers, missed layups, open shots... We are just not playing well, we are not finishing games. We have good plays, our coach is smart, he knows the X's and O's of the game very well. You can see, in 80-90 percent of our plays, we have guys open. We just can't make finishes. Sometimes, we run and execute our plays half-speed. That can be a problem, not executing the plays properly. But, bottom line is, we just don't finish shots.
On Elton's absence:

Yes, it gives me more opportunities to handle the basketball. It gives me more minutes, and the team relies on me a little bit more defensively, blocking shots and rebounding. I’m just trying to keep plugging away, keep pushing, trying to continue and get some more wins because we struggle a little bit right now.

I think once you concede the season -- and if you haven't, then you're a better person than I am -- you realize that the ancillary benefit of Kaman's growth as an NBA center is worth a lot more than a #8 seed.