John Soh brought up an interesting point last night on the DTS/Dunleavy flap.  DTS's grumblings weren't so much a warning shot to Dunleavy as they were a public relations play.

If Sterling wants to express his dissatisfaction with the coaching staff, there's no reason he has to use anyone at the LAT as an intermediary.  They have telephones and electronic mail for stuff like that. It's far more likely that DTS expressed his frustration with Clippers for the edification of the Naçion.  If you're  in the lower bowl forking over $8,000 for your season tickets, then you want to know that ownership is sufficiently pissed off with the direction of the team.  And telling TJ Simers that "I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary to win," and "I want to win and I'm more interested in winning than the lottery," is an inexpensive and very effective way to market that dedication. If I were his Yoda, that's what I'd tell him to do.  

Addendum: I'm not suggesting that this is a wink-wink strategy.  I have no doubt that Sterling is legitimately disgusted.  It's a question of how ownership goes about conveying that disgust.