We now return you to regularly scheduled basketball. 

What was the L thinking?!  I half expected to see Vin Baker slide the ball under his jersey and tiptoe his way downcourt.  Wasn't that Lorenzen Wright dragging Grizz courtside regular Debbie Fields Rose onto the court for a dance? Did Geese Ausbie not make a cameo substitution for EB?  And where was the ol' Bucket gag?   

I haven't put much stock into the you-don't-wanna-back-into-the-playoffs trope, but to tell you the truth, I'm glad this caper is over.  With the possible exception of the second half in Seattle Friday night, I can't remember the last time the Clippers looked like the team that dismembered Phoenix a couple of weeks back.  This isn't to say that Dunleavy should give the regulars 40 minutes tomorrow night at Dallas, but actually competing in a game they might want to win should provide some measure of sanity for what's been a weirdly distorted week or so of basketball. 

The unofficial word is that Game One will be Saturday night, Game Two on Tuesday. 

We repeat:  The Clippers will be hosting a Game One.