Clipperblog doesn't trust many x-and-ologists more than David Thorpe over at  Today, Thorpe posts his year-end Rookie Top 10.  Al Thornton comes in at #8.  Thorpe's analysis:

Of all the rookies, Thornton (along with Noah) might have played the hardest. He exhibited his athleticism and skills once the Clippers unleashed him. But it was his effort that saved him from himself; without solid rebounding numbers, his season would have looked like Adam Morrison's last season -- lots of inefficient scoring and few effective passes.


He got much better as the season progressed and looks like a legitimate starter going into next season. When his game was on, no rookie put up better performances than Thornton, who often served as his team's No. 1 scoring option from both the wing and the post. However, he did play too fast much of the time -- a fact that will jump out at him if he spends the summer watching film.

I think that's a fair assessment.  Though it's worth pointing out that, after November, Thornton never shot below 41.5% from the field in a given month, whereas Morrison never crossed the 40% threshold, save for his four-game April 2007.  Thornton still has a lot to refine in the post, but that's been one of the nice surprises to his game; he has the real potential to develop on the block, which is not something I anticipated he'd bring with him into the league.