As widely documented over the past 18 hours, plucking Marcus Camby off Denver's salary scrap heap is a sensible choice for the Clippers.  But more than that, it creates some interesting schematic choices for Dunleavy.  Camby is sort of a unique big.  Offensively, he's more comfortable around the elbow as a facilitator than he is as a brute muscling down low.  Camby's pick-and-pop game is solid, and he also knows how to hit a baseline cutter.  A lot of his success as a passer derives from the fact that he likes to hang out in the high post.  What's nice for the Clippers, is that this allows Kaman plenty of space to settle down low.  And because Marcus can hit that crazy, swinging set shot with proficiency, he'll draw opposing bigs off the block for Chris.

Defensively, Camby takes enormous pressure off Chris.  Both bigs are quick and both can block shots with impunity.  Camby's help/team defense is widely praised and that'll be important, because Al Thornton figures to blow defensive rotations on a regular basis until he masters NBA team defense. 

Are the Clippers a certain playoff team?  No.  But if Thornton can learn how to use his length and quickness on opposing 3s, they'll likely become a Top 10 defensive team again.  A big if, but one that's not outside the realm of possibility.  The Clippers could stand to add another dependable wing defender.  They might not have enough left to snag Josh Childress, but it would sure be nice.

UPDATE: Because we're all about empirical truth here, it's worth noting commenter Petey's evidence that Camby's mid-range set shot might not best be described as "proficient" -- borne out by his TS% and other assorted stats, which are quite low for a big man.

CONTRA-UPDATE: Kevin Pelton notes, "I don't think Camby is a bad midrange jumpshooter. Quickly eyeballing this list, 37.3% on outside twos seems about average for a big man; Tim Duncan shot 37.7%.  The problem is that Camby specializes in the most inefficient shot in the game. It's the lack of free throws and absence of threes that really kills his TS%."