It's been four days since Shaun Livingston fell to the floor at Staples and, already, we've seen a glimpse of life without a capable point guard.  Even if Sam Cassell returns to full strength, it's doubtful that he's good for more than 2,000 minutes in 2007-2008.  This prompts the question, who's going to play point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers next season?

The sad truth is that both the free agent and draft classes appear bleak.  Only Chauncey Billups can be unequivocally regarded as an upgrade over a healthy Shaun Livingston.  The offerings:

Chauncey Billups
Status: Certain to opt-out of current contract with Detroit, which pays him only mid-level money.  
Clipper-bility: Nil. All indications point to Billups re-upping with Detroit.  On the off chance that he bolts, there are plenty of teams with far more money to throw at him - the Bucks most prominent among them.

Mike Bibby
Status: Has an opt-out clause on his current contract, which would pay him $13.5M next season and $14.5M in 2008-2009.
Clipper-bility: If Bibby opts out, it's to secure a longer term than the one he has with Sacramento, something the Clippers would be loathe to give him.  Bibby's shooting numbers have fallen through the floor this season [.396 FG%, .323 3P%].  Whichever team overpays for him will likely be disappointed.

Andre Miller
Status: Has two years and $19.37M left on his deal.  Philadelphia will reportedly shop Miller in the off-season in its effort to rebuild.
Clipper-bility: Tried that already.   

Mo Williams
Status: Unrestricted free agent following the season.
Clipper-bility: Though there's been considerable speculation that Milwaukee might go hard after Chauncey Billups, the Bucks will probably end up hanging onto Williams.  If they don't, Williams can take his 18.7 PPG and 18-ish PER to any number of places.

D.J. Augustin
Status: Starting freshman PF for the University of Texas.  No word on whether he'll opt for the NBA draft.
Clipper-bility: There's no certainty that Augustin will bolt Austin for the draft, though he's regarded as a mid-first rounder if he does. At 5' 11", he's a midget, but he's got NBA three-point range, can deliver the ball deftly in traffic, and breaks down Steve Nash game tape meticulously.

Acie Law
Status:  Senior PG for Texas Agricultural & Mining
Clipper-bility: In his fourth year of college ball, Law has developed into a seasoned, cerebral point guard for A & M.  He's got comparatively good size and length, though he's not a great outside shooter.  If you listen to knowledgeable Big-12 people, they'll tell you that Law has a professional-style game and reads the floor extremely well, both for himself and his teammates.  Regarded as a mid-first round pick.

Mike Conley
Status: Freshman PG for The Ohio State University
Clipper-bility: Very sexy pick right now among the experts.  And they've got good reason.  Conley is explosive, efficient, one of the best on-ball defenders I've seen this season.  At 19, he's already the real grown-up on the floor.  Unfortunately, Conley can't shoot a lick.  Right now, he's projected mid-first round.