Okay.  I'm tired of avoiding the elephant in the room.  With the Nug loss and Grizz win tonight, a Clippers' loss at Memphis on Tuesday seals a home-court series against Denver starting next weekend. 

So there's no getting around it:

On Tuesday night, I'll flip on the radio and root against the Clippers. 

It's unseemly, I know.  But that being the case, the next question is how do you increase your chances of losing the game without egregiously "throwing" it?

Aside from holding your starters to reduced minutes, what else can you do that maintains some measure of integrity, that isn't an all-out jake?  Do you let guys who normally don't have range shoot from 20 on every possession?  Do you intentionally deploy silly traps that will inevitably leave Mike Miller with open looks from the perimeter?   Let Livingston get reeeeeeally creative, allowing him to have a little fun which will result in a least one highlight clip but a handful of turnovers, too?  These would be acceptable prescriptions for failure. 

But that's the conundrum: how to throw a game without making a mockery of the Association.  Because even though I want to see the Clips get that home-court vs. Denver as much as anyone, I want them to secure it with some semblance of dignity.   Let's throw it the right way.