Clipperblog patron and Aisle 318 denizen, Dave Han, was selected in the first quarter of Sunday night's game to upgrade to the Corona courtside seats.  We've long wondered how good those Corona seats really are.  Are they on the floor? Yeah.  But they're a good fifteen feet off the hardwood, over in the corner.  The debate always expires about the time we realize that wearing Corona's official Hawaiian shirt is a prerequisite to relocation.  Fuck that shit. I don't wear prints.    

Dave is a more flexible person.  He threw on the shirt, endured the spotlight and serenade, and took the leap downstairs.  He files this report:

First of all, you should NEVER leave the luxurious comforts of the section 318 clipperblog-penthouse-suites.  The view from up here is much better than the view from down there.  Now, I don't mean to be ungrateful for the chance to sit on the floor, it was quite exciting.


  • Cheerleaders are short.
  • The view from 318 is much more conducive to clipperblogging than the view from the floor. You can see the whole floor from up there, as opposed to the seeing a jumble of NBA players run up and down the court. You also have the ushers, waiters, runners, fans and the actual courtside people walking all around and obscuring the view.
  • The hardwood is actually about 3 inches or so higher thanthe actual floor. It makes the Kamans and the Howards look even taller than they are, and the Nelsons and Ewings look as tall as they say they are.
  • TT, Mags and Mobley have a tendency to stand around and watch, especially when they run to the corner.
  • Brand is absolutely non-vocal.
  • You just don't realize how amazing these guys are untill you see Howard's elbow above the rim for a rebound!
  • Kaman is likewise a beast!
  • Carlos Arroyo is really Vin Diesel, and Pat Garrity is really Bridgette Wilson, and Cuttino Mobley is really Marcus Dixon.
  • You start to notice which players are a little more goofy and are able to have some fun. TT was giving a few cheesy grins here and there, and even a little lower body shimmy during a free throw. Howard and Outlaw were able to participate in some playful banter with a few fans. Battie however is all business. Sam makes everyone get serious.

Otherwise, you get this strange fishbowl feeling from the floor, and Staples feels much larger from down there.