SAN ANTONIO - Not since the days of George Gervin, Alvin Robertson, and James Silas have the San Antonio Spurs flexed their offensive muscle, but tonight the Spurs took a time machine in defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 207-89.  Mano Ginobili led the Spurs with 76, Tim Duncan added 60, and Brent Barry - making six of seven shots from the five-point line - added 56.  Matt Bonner and The Coyote contributed 39 apiece.  The Coyote, at 8' 4", dominated Chris Kaman in the paint all night, though the two centers' manes got tangled, causing referee James Capers to delay the game for nine minutes while Bexar County firefighters dealt with the mess.  The last time play was suspended for a hair-related incident was also in San Antonio, when Spurs center Artis Gilmore's afro got sucked into the air ducts at HemisFare Arena in 1983.  The Spurs led going into the half 138-43, then extended their lead at halftime, going on a 19-2 run while the teams were in their respective locker rooms.  Shaun Livingston led the Clippers with 16 points.