Clipperblog is in Atlanta this weekend, to rejoin the Clippers at MSG in New York on Tuesday night, but has seen only a blip of the Clips-C's game from Boston on SportsCenter.  John & Jeff will be bringing you recaps of last night and Sunday morning's game at T Dot.

Ric Bucher tackles the ultra-sensitive Shaun Livingston situation for ESPN The Magazine.  Bucher takes a tack that most Naçion citizens can understand, namely that everyone loves the kid, believes that Shaun takes his preparation seriously, that he conducts himself the right way, and is almost uniquely coachable.  And despite all that, he still isn't there.  Here's one theory that Bucher puts forward:  

Livingston's fear is that everyone will see him racking up stats and think it's all about the extension and the adulation. Or that even a hint of selfishness will prompt cold shoulders from his teammates. Or that he'll walk into the locker room one day and it'll be Richwoods High all over again, with sideways glances and newspaper stories about a hotshot who's all about himself.

The article offers some nice anecdotal morsels from Shaun's growing up -- which wasn't all that long ago --- and, at times, gets caught in some of that psychobabble that sports features tend to fall victim to when they're trying to sound heady.  All in all, it's a good read.