In case you haven't noticed, there's been an uptick in kvetching about the rise in flops in recent seasons, as the flopocracy has expanded far beyond guys like Battier, Bell, and the entire San Antonio roster.  But you know what's been just as widespread as the flop?  This: 

A wing player gets a high screen from his big men who, rather than rolling toward the basket, steps out on the perimeter.  Meanwhile, the guys set up on the weak side hang back, clearing the lane for the penetrator.  When the defense collapses on him, the slasher throws his body into the primary help defender, earning two shots from the stripe.  Does the shot fall?  Who cares?  That was never the driver's primary concern.

Clipper fans have watched Corey Maggette and Sam Cassell work this scheme to perfection.  With the Clippers’ abysmal outside shooting, getting to the line actually keeps the Clippers in games.  And the naçion eats it up.  But to blame the current wave of egregious charge-taking solely on the floppers is specious because their strategy is no less disingenuous than the guys throwing their bodies into the lane with no intention other than to draw a foul.  By no means am I excusing flopping, but when you've got dozens of guys around the league whose sole mission is to get to the line, there isn’t much recourse for a defender.  A little…but not much.