NBA pundits and yentas are already including the Clippers as a potential destination for Kobe Bryant.  Realistically, I don’t know how the Clippers would be in the mix for Bryant.  What do the Clippers have that would make sense for the Lakers?  Looking over the Clips’ roster and assets, only Corey Maggette would seem to be an attractive commodity to the Lakers.  Maggette has only one year remaining at a modest $7M/year.  Though Clippers fans are eager to deal Cuttino Mobley, the fact is that he still has three years remaining on a $44M contract, and therefore is highly unattractive to a team looking to rebuild.  Prior to his injury, Shaun Livingston was the Clippers’ most enticing piece for a potential trade, but obviously Shaun is now out of any equation.  So whom does that leave?  The Lakers already have a young project at center, which deems Chris Kaman a nonentity.  Sam Cassell would be a reasonable throw-in with Maggette since he has only a single year remaining on his contract and could help stabilize the Lakers at the point, but Sam would hardly help the Lakers get younger [can we honestly say that there won't be a better offer for Bryant than an expiring Maggette, an expiring, gimpy Cassell, and some mid-1st rounders?].  Quinton Ross is a nice complimentary piece for any team, but at under $1M/year, he doesn’t help balance the salary in any deal. 

Clipper Naçion has to come to grips with the reality that any trade for Bryant will have to include Elton Brand.  The only question that’s relevant here is would you do it?