I know a lot of Clips fans wanted Nick Young, but I think Al Thornton is the better wing player and an excellent pick.  Honestly, I’m shocked he dropped down to #14.  Thornton can take most NBA 3s off the dribble and has a knack for finding the open driving lane [which explains his 53% shooting percentage] and has a consistent shot from 20 feet.  Against Clemson in the first round of the ACC Tournamet with Florida State’s NCAA berth on the line, Thornton had a crucial block against Vernon Hamilton and hit the game-winning free throw with about second remaining.  

Critics say that while he’s fairly heady on the defensive rotation, his one-on-one defense could use some work.  I recall FSU playing a lot of zone against Tech, so I can’t vouch one way or the other.  

All in all, Clipperblog is pleased.

ADDENDUM:  The graphic on ESPN during Thornton's interview with Stuart Scott reads, "Father is 6'6" and has 3 sisters nearly 6 feet tall."  Does this mean that if you stack his sisters one on top of the other that they'll collectively measure six feet, or is each sister six feet tall individually?  Clipperblog wonders.