The NBA released its 2007-2008 schedule this morning, and the Clippers will open at home against Golden State on Friday night, November 2.

Per usual, the Clippers will play each Pacific Division opponent four times [two home/two away, natch], and they’ll have a home-and-home with each Eastern Conference opponent.  The asymmetry comes with the remaining ten Western Conference teams.  The Clippers will play six of those teams four times each, but the remaining four teams only three times apiece.  

Here’s how it breaks down, with the “three times” teams in italics and the “four times” teams in bold:

Northwest Division

Portland [2 home, 1 away]
Seattle [1 home, 2 away]

Texas Triangle Division
Houston [2 home, 1 away]
New Orleans

San Antonio [1 home, 2 away]

By and large, the Clips made out okay.  In the Southwest Division, they managed to draw the two weaker teams for four games each.  In the Northwest, well, it’s harder to tell, though Minnesota promises to be miserable.

The longest road trip of the season comes February 1-11 -- seven games in 11 days, though of the seven opponents, only Cleveland and Toronto made the playoffs this past season.  There really isn’t one of those “get fat” stretches at home when the team can settle in for a couple of weeks at Staples and potentially tick off wins.  They have two six game home stands, but the first – New Years Eve through January 15 -- features elite opponents in San Antonio, Dallas, and PHX.  The second is a bit easier.  

The unsettling thing about reviewing the schedule this season is how different it is instinctively from last year.  Last summer, we went through the list and found Ws all over the place.  This season?  The chop-licking is being done by fans in other cities who are looking at the Clippers as cheap fuel for the playoff drive.