Nice win.  The Clips follow the old recipe against PHX, from back in the day when they played the Suns tough: Crash the boards [Clips win the rebounding battle 48-36], defend the drag screen [trap the ball, then have a weak side or post defender slide up quickly to pick up the dragger].  Post up their guards.  And of course, get a 15-21 FGM night from Sam Cassell.  That, too.  

I don’t know that the shots the Clippers get tonight are decidedly better than the ones they’ve seen for the past couple of weeks.  Cassell’s shot selection is virtually the same as the other night, when he went 1-11 from the field against Orlando.  The ball reversal that opens up a clean Maggette jumper during that 12-2 run in the third quarter is a replication of the kind of stuff they worked for themselves the other night against Dallas.  The spurt is punctuated with that pass from Sam to Maggette under the basket when Sam elevates for the PUJIT – but opts for a PUPIT.

All this is to say that the Clippers have been playing pretty decent basketball for the better part of a month against teams that are much, much better than they are. Seven of their past ten games have come against Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio. 

To sustain the relative decency of their play, they need to create quality options for a Chris Kaman pass out of the double-team and continue the off-ball work for their jump shooters [essentially everyone else].