You can find the complete schedule here.

Since the league expanded to 30 teams, the same structure has prevailed:

Divisional Opponents: 4 games [2H, 2A]
Eastern Conference Opponents: 2 games [1H, 1A]

The floating variables come with non-divisional conference opponents.  As usual, the Clips will play six of those 10 teams four times apiece [2H, 2A].  But they'll face four of those 10 teams only three times each.  This season, it works out like this:

Utah: [1H, 2A]
Minnesota: [2H, 1A]
New Orleans: [1H, 2A]
Memphis: [2H, 1A]

Losing a home game each against Utah and New Orleans is somewhat of a break.  On the other end, though, the Clips will have the misfortune of one fewer game each against Minny and the Grizz -- arguably the two weakest teams in the conference.

More dissection to come.