Apparently, Isiah went apeshit on Greg Anthony because the latter had the audacity to voice skepticism when the Knicks drafted South Carolina's Renaldo Balkman in the first round:

"Greg Anthony, this so-called former Knick who - with millions of people watching - had the audacity to take me to task on a player that I'm sure he'd never seen before in his life. I'm just glad all of New York doesn't think like Greg Anthony," Thomas said of the ESPN analyst, unavailable for comment.

"The things that he said on draft night . . . I thought he was way, way, way out of bounds. Greg Anthony should never ever be in a position to question myself on anything about basketball, because I do remember the kind of player he was. I'd love to speak to him. I'd love to see him. I thought he was very unfair."

This is a classic corollary of the Joe Morgan/Former Fuckwit Athlete School of Logic.  To this day, Morgan refuses even to consider, much less read, Moneyball on the grounds that Michael Lewis never played competitive baseball.  Likewise, Greg Anthony has no right to critique Thomas' draft choice (never mind that this is exactly what ESPN pays him to do) because...because the guy was merely a journeyman role player?  Look, Anthony may be a douchebag of the highest order, but it's not because he believes that the New York Knicks can't refrain from sticking the fork in the toaster time and time again.

Now, is Anthony out of line because he never saw Balkman play in college?

Well, I froze my ass off watching Balkman play three games in three days up in Anchorage last Thanksgiving (and there was no Isiah Thomas sighting, by the way).  You know what?  I can offer eyewitness testimony that Renaldo Balkman has no idea where the fuck he's supposed to be on the court at a given moment.  He's undersized up front, has no perimeter or even mid-range game, is sloppy with the ball and has a slightly above average defensive game that's not nearly enough to offset aforementioned deficiencies. 

But forget about that for a sec.  Bottom line, Isiah, is that anyone has the right to question your personnel decisions because a fucking ouija board is capable of assembling a roster that can win 23 games in the Eastern Conference.   So who really cares what Greg Anthony's career stat line looks like?