Trying to perform genuine analysis of recent Clippers games is like trying to offer serious film criticism of a Happy Madison production. I suppose there are things we can glean – Powell’s growth, Thornton’s erratic play, etc.  -- but the truth is that with the exception of an isolation here and a deft defensive switch there, I don’t think it’s all that practical to gauge Thornton’s NBA game in this context.  When the other guys on the floor are named Smush, Dickau, and Fazekas, there’s only so much you can reasonably evaluate.  What’s worse is that, because he's playing out of position, Thornton has had to contend with a guy who’s either 6’ 11” or 7’ 1” on both ends each of the past two nights. I can’t imagine that’s constructive for a young small forward trying to develop his skills. 

Fully recognizing that the Clippers are the skinny mirrors of the NBA – any team looks good when it's facing them – Portland is a well-coached squad.  They space the floor beautifully.  Nate McMillan is using LaMarcus Aldridge cleverly both in the post and on the weak side to scramble the defense.  They’re a patient team in the halfcourt [which is, like, always], and don’t turn it over.  Had Brandon Roy hit more of those 16-foot Js off the left elbow, the game might’ve been even uglier.