The Clips pass on Jerryd Bayless in favor of sharpshooter Eric Gordon.  The suggestion here is that the Clips will look outside the organization to fortify themselves at the point.  Gordon has the prettiest shot in the draft and can hold his own defending opposing shooting guards, but he's not a transcendent talent.  He'll spread the floor, to be sure.  But for a team that desperately needs some personnel that can move the ball around -- and move off the ball -- Gordon provides more rawness than refinement. 

UPDATE: Jeffrey Ma emails Henry Abbott: "Top ten steal: Kevin Love. Based solely on statistics our numbers have him as arguably the top player in this draft. He's more athletic than people realize as witnessed by his better than average blocks/minute. Great passer who does not need to score to make an impact. Should have been a top three selection. Top ten bust: Eric Gordon. Love the guy's college game but unless he can play PG in the NBA he will not be a success. Poor shot selection and efficiency spell doom for him at the NBA level and most NBA insiders tell me he won't be able to play the one at this level."

A lot of the leading stats guys have been chilly toward Gordon's pro prospects. 

UPDATE: Will Mario Chalmers fall to 35?  Not a chance. 

UPDATE: Chalmers, a Hollinger-projected NBA starter at PG, goes to Minnesota.  Bad beat for the Clips. 

UPDATE: For their second round choice, the Clippers go with the best talent on the board, Texas A & M center DeAndre Jordan. Jordan is a freakishly athletic and imposing big man.  As recently as late February, draft maven Jonathan Givony wrote that Jordan "looks like a pretty safe bet to be sitting in the Green Room on June 26th, the night of the NBA draft."  Though Jordan clearly has a zillion dollar body, he's reputed to have a five-cent head.

Not a bad project for a second round pick, but Chalmers would've been nicer.

UPDATE: Chad Ford on Jordan: "
We knew DeAndre Jordan was sliding, but this is a little ridiculous. He's huge and athletic, and he played well when he got minutes at Texas A&M. NBA scouts would have ranked him as one of the top-five prospects in 2009. At No. 35, there is no risk and only upside for the Clippers. They have to be thrilled."