• Marcus Thompson II in the Contra Costa Times reports, "It appears the Warriors aren't going to be able to snatch power forward Elton Brand from the Los Angeles Clippers. The buzz among NBA insiders is that Brand — by all accounts a class act — will honor his word and remain with the Clippers." [Hat Tip: Petey Pablo]

    "Buzz" and "by all accounts" doesn't exactly translate into "dry ink," or even "verbally committed," but it might be about as concrete as it gets for a holiday weekend.

    Thompson -- this time in the Merc -- reports that the Warriors will now turn their attention to Corey Maggette.

  • Chris Kaman: Carrying forward the Uwe Blab legacy for the Deutschlanders.
  • Your 2008 Clippers Summer Team.  Keep an eye out for Pasadena Polytechnic High grad, former Penn Quaker standout, and Academic All-Ivy forward Koko Archibong.  The Nigerian baller got a shot with the Lakers a few years back, and was last spotted bumping around the BBL in Germany.  Archibong probably won't make the Clippers' 08-09 roster, but he's a Clipperblog favorite.

  • From John Hollinger at ESPN.com: "On paper, few pairings seem more flammable than Mike Dunleavy and Baron Davis. Dunleavy is a control guy at the offensive end who likes to call set post-up plays over and over, while Davis has bristled under every coach who didn't give him free rein to launch contested 3s off the dribble with 21 on the shot clock. Don't get me wrong, Davis is a fantastic player. But I wonder how it's going to work when Dunleavy calls 4-down six plays in a row and whether Davis' disdain for structure ultimately will cause him to underachieve the same way he did for Tim Floyd, Byron Scott and Mike Montgomery."

    I don't think it's an unfair point.  The portfolio of post players Davis has teamed with includes the likes of P.J. Brown, Jamaal Magloire, and Andris Biedrins.  So running point for a post team that's inclined to start things down low will probably require an adjustment on Davis' part.