Chad Ford at ranks the Clippers among the off-season losers:
The Clippers once held the coveted title of most dysfunctional franchise in the league and they made a lot of strides toward reclaiming it this summer.

Everything started off so well. They shocked many by quickly coming to terms with Warriors free agent Baron Davis -- filling a big need at the point. Pairing Davis with Elton Brand was supposed to put the Clippers on a course back to the playoffs in the West. Unfortunately, the team then inexplicably lost Brand to the Sixers a week later. Brand's people say the Clippers mishandled the negotiations. The Clippers point the finger at Brand's agent, David Falk.

Suddenly, the Clippers' dream team was a nightmare. At this point in his career, Davis making $65 million stretches credulity, even if he's motivated. An unmotivated Davis playing on a cellar dweller? Ugh.

The Clippers also lost Corey Maggette and tried to minimize all the damage by bringing in Marcus Camby and Ricky Davis. But I don't think they're a playoff team in the West with that crew.

Elton's departure probably places the Clippers on the minus end of the Winner-Loser continuum.  And had the Clippers been irreparably paralyzed by the Elton debacle, it'd be fair to characterize them as the dysfunctional franchise they were several years ago.  But it's important to recognize the creativity and decisiveness employed by the organization after Elton signed with Philadelphia.  Does the addition of B. Davis, Camby, R. Davis make them a playoff team?  I'm not sure.  But I think they'll win more than the 23 games they won last year.  By virtue of that alone, the Clips should be spared inclusion in the Most Loserish Offseason club.