I point this out only because I was there, and attending a Great Alaska Shootout because I had nothing particularly better to do for Thanksgiving still ranks among the more ridiculous expressions of basketball geekdom.   Other notables on the court for the 2005 GAS Championship: Renaldo Balkman.

The Houston Chronicle:

The Rockets expect to trim their roster and their bloated collection of forwards on Wednesday by dealing Steve Novak to the Los Angeles Clippers, an individual with knowledge of the deal said Tuesday.

The Rockets will receive future draft considerations, likely the right to switch places with the Clippers in a second round. It is unclear which season that would be because both teams have future second round commitments.

The Rockets selected Novak, 25, in the second round of the 2006 season. A 6-10 forward, Novak averaged 2.7 points in 70 NBA games, making 44.1 percent of his shots and 42.7 percent of his 3-pointers.

The highlight of his two seasons with the Rockets was likely the buzzer-beating 3-pointer he made to defeat the Kings during the Rockets’ 22-game winning streak last season.

Ready for something interesting?  Novak's PER last season in 266 minutes of basketball was 17.20. Yes, a fair number of those minutes were in temps d'ordures, but Novak is a big, lethal shooter, and has a surprisingly good handle for a guy who's 6' 10".  He's sort of the anti-Radmonovic: Heady, good court awarness [all the clichéd attributes of a coach's son], but not much athletically. 

If you combined Brian Skinner and Steve Novak, you'd have one really good power forward.