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  • Watching the Suns-Lakers game, Clipperblog can't help but feel good for Lamar Odom. 

    The hype on Lamar was that, once he honed he skills, he would be the truly indefensible player.  At 6'10", he could post against almost anyone who would be defending him on the wing.  But if you placed one of your true bigs on him, Odom had mad speed and ballhandling skills, and could take anyone but the quickest defenders off the dribble.  Because he had limitless range, he had the ability to draw his defender up top, creating loads of space below the foul line for your other bigs or slashers.  And if Odom decided to shoot from 20+, easy...he's got at least three inches on almost every perimeter defender.    

    And, oh...He can find anyone at the floor at any time.  There's that, too.

    When Laker friends of mine would bitch about Odom, I'd tell them that if their team couldn't put Lamar Odom's talent to use, then they should just mortgage those gold banner in the rafters right now.  Those skills need only the least bit of massaging, and any organization worth its salt could figure it out. 

    It looks like that NaCl crystallized this week.

    Lamar has finally put the package together

    I'm pulling for the Lakers for the sole reason that I want the Clippers to host Games 1 & 2 of the Conference Semifinals if they can close out Denver; but a part of me is rooting for Lamar because it's fun to see something you observed as a seedling flower into full bloom. 

    It's not Odom as Pippen; it's Odom as the Lamar-we-were-sold-on. 

  • David Aldridge has an interesting piece in this morning's Philly Inquirer:

    Would it make sense for the Sixers to send Iverson and Korver to the Nuggets for Martin and guard Andre Miller - who would obviously be expendable if Iverson came to town? Would Miller - sixth in the league in assists this season and one of the better defensive point guards - distribute the ball to everyone's liking? Would the presence of Martin as a defensive force next to him free up Samuel Dalembert to be all he can be? Would Webber accept a change in his role?

    Looking at it, both teams would stand to benefit.  The Sixers would field a starting team with two top tier defenders (Iguodala and Martin), two good defenders (Dalembert and Miller) and a guy they can probably hide (Webber) given the versatility on the defensive end of both Iguodala and Martin.  None of these players can really create his own shot (with the possible exception of Iguodala, who still needs some polishing), but they'd start the season a top eight defensive squad. 

    Denver would have a projected opening night lineup of Iverson and Kobestopper with ‘Melo, Nene (restricted FA) and Camby up front. And they finally have a 3-point threat off the bench in Korver who, since he can't defend, can be paired with Buckner, who can.  With Najera and Elson coming off the bench in the frontcourt, and Boykins as a backup point/tempo guy, that's pretty fierce.