• What's surprised me is the one-sided coverage the Ben Wallace deal is getting.  Sometimes I think these things are approached as if 'getting the guy' is the goal, when it's not.  It's getting value.  And nobody I've read has asked the question -- As admirably blue-collar Ben Wallace is and as much as we all love the guy, is it possible that at some point really, really soon, $15M may be absurdly too much money to pay Ben Wallace to be your center? The closest thing to acknowledgement from the usual suspects that the contract may be obese for what Wallace can do over the next four years is Michael Rosenberg at the Detroit Free-Press.  Isn't it just possible that Joe Dumars has enough foresight to recognize a 2009 spreadsheet headache when he sees it in 2006?  I'm not suggesting that Chicago isn't getting a superlative player, but I don't think Pistons fans need to pay any mind to the chatter. 

  • Apparently, the Sonics don't like Chris Wilcox that much.

  • So Phoenix is going to stay pat and assume that Amare is going to return in full health to his old form?  I have no reason to doubt reports that he's progressing and I know bugger all about knees, but it seems risky.  Kurt Thomas is still a nice piece -- and we'll never know what PHX may have been able to do had he not gone down.  And Barbosa will be another year older...but so will Nash's back.  Didn't it just seem that the spirit around the Suns this past season was, "close is okay 'cause we'll be getting Amare back so you just wait"? 

  • Thought TZ's comments on Kevin Martin were interesting.  From SacTown Royalty:

    ...this is a young player you cannot strap to the bench much longer. He's far more efficient than Wells, mostly because he can shoot and he doesn't turn the ball over in excess amounts. Martin has nothing in the post, and has a tough time guarding small forwards, which Bonzi can sometimes do. And Martin will never rebound like Wells. But everything else is in Martin's favor - age, speed, range, salary, future, need-fitting.

    If Bonzi wasn't already a King and didn't have that stellar series against San Antonio, is he a player the Kings would be pursuing? "Of course not - we have Kevin Martin at the 2," everyone would say...

    Martin killed the Clips this past season.  I remember walking into Staples just before New Years for a Clippers-Kings game thinking, "Peja and 'Reef are out.  What can Sacto/Bibby possibly generate offensively without those two guys?"  Then, Kevin Martin [never heard of 'im] goes off for 20 points.  And he works the glass, shoots the three, moves his feet defensively and generally has good court-awareness.  And if that wasn't enough, a week later Martin goes 8-11 from the field for 17, and chalks up another 5 assists and 5 boards.

  • Important question came up at dinner tonight:  Do you know anyone who doesn't think that Pepperidge Farm cookies aren't the greatest commercial food item, like, ever? Isn't about time that Malcolm Gladwell wrote a 15,000 word piece on the understated brilliance of the Milano.  Not basketball related, but worth a public query.