Did you watch it?  The whole thing?  Be honest.  Because if I didn't have this blog, I would've Deleted Now after the segment of Cassell rapping with Ron Garretson about the new no kvetching policy.  How many more of these do we have?  Just when you think the pace might pick up, it stalls --  like a rehearsal dinner when yet another frat brother comes up to toast with a wretched Top Ten List.  It never ends. 

Does Elton Brand realize it's a preseason game?  I mean that with the highest regard; it's just that he's incapable of keeping it in third gear.  I worry about him.

Some observations:

  • Shaun Livingston must be coachable, because working those two-man side screen rolls, he looks exactly like Sam Cassell, minus the convex mirror for a forehead.  Better yet, he appears both patient in the half-court and confident in his shot.  His sheer strength is still something to monitor, and you could see it on a possession with a little over 3:00 left in the first half in which he tried to post-and-spin Smush unsuccessfully. 
  • 1-for-11.  I know, but let's give it some time.  It's not like Tim Thomas forgot how to shoot over the summer. 

  • Relax, James.  Relax.  You too, Daniel Ewing.   

  • You think Ronny Turiaf is excited to be playing?

  • How funny was the situation with the picture-in-picture live game/NLCS?  

  • I know it's the preseason and I promise to be nice and all, but in the portion of the second quarter I rewatched to isolate on Corey Maggette, there was a lot of the same old shit - no help off-the-ball on either end and a stupid early shot.  The good news?  The Glass! 

    Listen, if Corey can deliver this kind of work on the boards, I might just forget about all the other crap.

  • Tilting the block-charge call toward the penetrator should help Corey.  A lot. 

  • Spent the first half of the fourth quarter following Paul Davis.  He went all Francisco Elson and committed five fouls in about seven minutes.  The three turnovers weren't too pretty either, particularly the pass to Luke Walton.   Worst of all?  When the clock expired and the Clips squeaked through, 91-90, he jumped off the bench as if Michigan State had just pulled off a big win at Ann Arbor.  Other than a nice face-up jumper from about 10 feet, there really isn't anything nice to say. 

The most disturbing thing I saw tonight?  Outback Steakhouse and Elephant Six Collective and Athens GA product, of Montreal, have teamed up to turn the band's groovy single, "Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games," into this

Look, Kevin Barnes or anyone else associated with of Montreal has the right to cash in however they please -- that's the cool thing about the free market.   And when roadtripping through the red states without a lot of time to go searching for local eats, I've been known to duck into an Outback once or twice. 

It really comes down to the fact that, when I listen to an album I've grown to like a lot, I don't want to think about a fucking bloomin' onion and a ribeye, okay?  

So feel free to make whatever performative expression you want.  It's your band.  Just don't expect me to buy your music if I fear that it might end up as the next Carnival Cruise Line jingle, no matter how adorably ironic it may be.