So we’ve got the Spurs tomorrow night.  I’ll see you down there.  I don’t know where your parking dharma is taking you these days, but I’ve been feeling the north-of-Staples street parking around Grand & 9th.    Great.  Though the breadth and reach of, the entire world now knows about my parking strategy.    Anyway – the Spurs. 
It’s rare that you see an opposing team at home twice in a three week span.  When I was growing up in Atlanta going to Hawks games, my Dad used to joke that we played Cleveland sixteen times a season because it seemed like every time we drove down to the Omni we were playing those awful World B. Free and Phil Hubbard Cavalier teams .
A win tomorrow night would be huge on a zillion accounts. First, it’s a win.  At home.  Good NBA teams don’t lose home games unless...well...unless they're getting outcoached by Scottie Skiles.  Second, it would drag San Antonio down to the 4 spot and I think we’ve mutually decided that we’d rather see the Spurs in the playoffs than the Mavs.  It’s not that we think Dallas is necessarily superior; and we don’t disrespect the whole heart-of-a-champion thing.  But based on what we’ve seen, the Clips just match up a whole lot better against the Spurs than they do versus Dallas.  More on that in a sec.
Also, in the event you have to meet a higher-seeded team in the first round of a playoff series, it doesn’t suck to know that you disposed of them twice at home in March.  A win tomorrow secures the Clippers that peace of mind. 
Since it was so recent, it’s safe to say that the March 7 tape is a nice playbook on how the Clips can take down the United Nations tomorrow night.
March 7 was the Quentin Ross Show, so far as I saw it.  I know Tony Parker got his twenty, but he recorded only two assists and what Q did on Parker to disrupt San Antonio's halfcourt sets was phenomenal.  Every time the weak-side screen came, Q was prepared; locked up all night, Parker didn't know where to go with the ball.   
Offensively, we got Timmy into foul trouble by giving Brand 24 shots (that’s a stat we desperately need to see more of – Elton shooting 20+ times a game).  Because the Spurs had to double down on Brand, Vlad got loose on the perimeter and went 3-4 from beyond.   Ross hit all four of his attempts and Shawn turned the ball over only once in 23 minutes.  

Maggette wasn’t around for the OT loss at the Alamodome in December .  I remember it being one of those early if-we-only-had-Corey games.  I wonder what kind of impact he’ll have tomorrow.