A couple seasons back, I got into a debate with a knowledgeable fan -- a friend-of-a-friend -- over the true value of Jason Kidd.  Remember, this was during that whole Jason Kidd for M.V.P. campaign, a movement that was almost evangelical among east coast fans...and Cal grads.  One of the points in my favor, I thought, was Kidd's turnover numbers, which were among the highest among league point guards.  The Kidd-backer responded essentially that there were knucklehead turnovers and turnovers borne out of creativity gone awry.  The first, he said, were inexcusable.  But a fair amount of the second were acceptable.  Rather than leaving you shaking your head, these were the kind of plays you nod your head and say, "Well, it was a good idea."  Kidd-backer insisted that Kidd's ratio of creative:knucklehead turnovers was radically high.

The Clippers turned the ball over 22 times last night.  Let's take a look at the inventory:

1. In the first real possession, Artest picks Vlad clean in the backcourt, marches down the court for a dunk.
2. Mobley tries to find Brand on the block, where he's being guarded by Bibby, but Bibby steps into the passing lane and knocks it away to Wells.  We go the other way.
3. After gathering a rebound on the defensive end, Kaman allows the ball the slip out of his hands with nary a King within ten feet of him.  Real Twilight Zone stuff.
3aNot really a turnover, but Vlad rims a dunk at 4:39 in the first.  Awful.  
4. Maggette enters the game at 3:52.  Before a second can expire, he delivers the inbounds pass to Kenny Thomas.
5. Three seconds on Kaman. 

End of the first quarter: 8 field goals, 5 turnovers...1 rimmed dunk.  Very LSU. 

6. Brad Miller flops on a driving Elton Brand.  One of those "not a bad idea" turnovers; just a shame Miller's defensive game against driving big men consists solely of flailing onto the hardwood.
7. Off of an offensive board, Rebraca passes the ball Fred Brown-style to a grateful Kevin Martin. 
8. Livingston fails to get the ball across half-court in 8 seconds.  Dunleavy will respond by setting up some orange cones in the backcourt of the practice facility later today.
9. Maggette delivers a beautiful pass to Kaman...who promptly walks.   Watching the replay, you can see Maggette begin to throw his arms up in disgust, then think better of it since he's standing directly in front of the Clipper bench.  Corey, your indignation is duly noted.  This would have been Corey's fourth assist of the season.
10. Artest, playing Kaman viciously in the post, strips Chris of the ball. 
11. Out in transition, Maggette travels in the backcourt.

Ralph Lawler, "Give ‘em this; they're turning it over in a variety of ways."

12. Maggette charges into Bonzi Wells.
13. Kaman loses another defensive board to Artest...but recovers nicely and blocks Artest's shot.
14. A driving Mobley can't find Kaman on the baseline and throws it out-of-bounds.   This rates a B on the creative turnover scale.  Though given that it's the final minute of the half and the Clips are trying to get the deficit to single-digits, this probably isn't the time.  

Sacramento scores 19 points off the Clippers' 14 turnovers.  During halftime, we learn that Iceland is watching the broadcast tonight. Melancholic Icelandic band Sigur Ros will be setting a montage of Clipper turnovers to a sad, pensive arrangement. 

15. In transition, Sam's bounce pass to a set Kaman under the basket falls off Chris's fingertips. 

Interesting to note that in the nearly four minutes the Clips go without a turnover, they take their first and only lead of the ballgame at 59-58.

16. Sam walks.
17. Mobley penetrates, then kicks the ball out to ... Ron Artest. 
18. Driving baseline, Vlad turns the ball over to ... Ron Artest.
19. Brand has the ball stripped by Wells. Fortunately, Wells's acrobatics can't keep the ball from squirting out-of-bounds and the Clips get it back.
20. Shot clock violation; Brand is the culprit.  With Artest, Thomas and ‘Reef, the Kings have an infantry of terrific post defenders.  Could they give the Spurs a series?
21. It's garbage time now, and you can't really fault Maggette for going hard to the basket and getting called for the charge.
22. A fitting end to a miserable night -- Mobley airballs a three and the shot clock expires.  

More on the Clippers-Kings before they meet at Staples on Friday.  I've got an appointment at Chavez Ravine this afternoon.