I gotta take issue with Simmons on the Clippers/Laker dymanic here in Los Angeles:

...Clippers fans hate Lakers fans with a passion, but Lakers fans dismiss Clippers fans and take condescending approaches like "It's cute that you guys support such a joke of a franchise" and "It's cute that you guys think this is the year that the Clippers won't fall apart," which drives Clippers fans even crazier than they already are. You know those college cities where the townies detest the rich kids from campus, or a multicollege city where the kids from the lesser-respected college openly loathe the kids from the well-respected college a few miles away? That's how the Clippers fans feel about the Lakers fans. Pure hatred. They even have fights in the stands during Clippers games and stuff. I'm telling you, keep your fingers crossed for a Clippers-Lakers series -- if you ever wanted to see a fistfight between Frankie Muniz and Jack Nicholson, this is your chance...

My sense of Clippers fans (at least my crew) is that Clipper Nation is composed of basketball junkies, often East Coast expats who either can't afford Laker tickets or adopted the Clips to inoculate themselves from accusations of bandwagoning (you can see my long-form explanation in Slate on this matter from a couple years back here). And the ten most loyal Clipper fans I know fall squarely into that category. 

I don't really hate the Lakers.  Sure, I get amped for those four cross-town contests each season, but I wouldn't trade that win at Phoenix for a victory over the Lakers for anything.  A lot of my friends are natives and knowledgeable, loyal Laker fans steeped in the franchise's history and I dig that.  I just don't happen to be one of them.