From the LA Times:
[Eric] Gordon suffered a sprained right ankle on the opening day of camp and the team said today that it was a high sprain and he could be out for as long as two weeks.

"I mean, the good thing is it's not broke or anything," Gordon said. "I'll be back for sure next week. It's only going to be a couple of days. I'm really not worried about it.

"I was in shape before training camp. Whenever I get back, I'll be just fine. . . . I got a rebound and I just came down on somebody's foot. Stuff happens like that all the time."

Although Gordon he thinks he'll be back as early next week, that sounded overly optimistic. Gordon needed crutches to get around Wednesday, although they were gone by today. He is closely watching practice and said he is "not really missing anything."

It's tough not to be wary of the litany of injuries that have plagued Gordon in his brief career.  He entered the 2007-2008 NCAA season as the most heralded prospect after O.J. Mayo.  But a wrist injury in late January derailed his season and he shot 10-62 in 3PAs after February 10.  Now there's this.  

Gordon has the chiseled, pro frame you want in a guard.  Let's hope both the practice spill from February and the sprain are freak incidents that reflect nothing about what should be a durable, sturdy perimeter player.