Elton Brand made his debut in a Sixers game uni last night in Amherst, Mass: 

Last night, Cheeks started the much-anticipated lineup of point guard Andre Miller, shooting guard Andre Iguodala, Young, power forward Elton Brand, and center Sam Dalembert.

Brand struggled early: He had four points at the half on 1-for-3 shooting and finished with 11 points.

"This is his first game actually playing with a different team," Cheeks said. "It's going to take him a minute."

The vaunted five struggled on offense, digging a 16-4 hole midway through the first quarter. Williams was the second Sixer off the bench, after shooting guard Willie Green.

The Sixers open the regular season on the 29th at home against Toronto, which means either a Chris Bosh or Jermaine O'Neal matchup for Elton.