L.A. Times shtickmeister T.J. Simers has all sorts of interesting Elton Brand content in his column this morning. 

Among the revelations:

  • While it's public knowledge that Elton ruptured his Achilles during his "daily workout" on August 3, the specific drill in question was a game of one-on-one against Chris Kaman. 

  • According to Brand's blog [via Simers], the ruptured Achilles didn't occur out of the blue, but "stemmed from an injury that happened in Toronto against the Raptors" last Febuary.  "We were in the midst of a Playoff race so even though I felt the pain, I went by my rule 'if I can Run I can Play'. I had to miss 2 games because of compensating for that injury. I received the Cortisone shot (my first ever) to try to alleviate the pain. It worked for a while, but the same issue later arose."

  • More startling, though, is this comment from Brand regarding an apparent accusation from Clippers' officials that Elton's injury might be attributable to PEDs. Again, Brand's blog by way of Simers: "One could imagine my disbelief when I was asked if my injury was due to performance enhancing drugs by Clipper brass. I know we live in that era, but I hold the game of basketball in high esteem, and conduct myself with integrity. I am not trying to go all 'Kobe' on the staff, but to be asked that question when all the facts were presented throughout the year was very disappointing to say the least."

  • Elton insists that the Clippers will not be the 2006-2007 Memphis Grizzlies sans Pau Gasol. '"I guarantee you it won't be like the Grizzlies (who lost Pau Gasol and then went into the dumper)," Brand said. "The guys have already called and said they'll keep it going until I get back.

    "Take my brother Kaman," Brand added, "he's been in the gym working hard every day and looking great."'

My sense, never having met the guy, is that you have to go to some extreme degrees to piss off Elton Brand.  Apparently, the Clippers managed to achieve that.  Well done.