Al Thornton records his third career double-double tonight.  Unfortunately, the equation includes points…and turnovers.  

It begins early on, at the 10:30 mark in the first period, with a sloppy entry pass into Corey Maggette.  From there, it spirals into Nuke LaLooche-savant territory.  A couple of minutes later in isolation at the top of the key against Thad Young, Thornton begins a drive.  En route to the hoop, he wisely spins away from the help [Shmuel Dalembert], but is so frenetic, that he sets himself too close to Chris Kaman to allow for another pivot.  Al loses his balance and travels.  

At 3:24 in the first, he picks up the first of his three offensive fouls when he tries to pull a Cassell by thrusting himself into Young on a perimeter jumper.  Cassell is a master, but Thornton here leads with his shoulder – an automatic NBA charge.  A minute later, in a baseline drive against Young, Thornton leads again with his shoulder and picks up his second foul of the period.  It’s an ACC grudge match between two kineticists and Young is winning the freak show.  

Thornton’s engine runs at the upper end of the orange zone all night.  He never leverages his outside shot – which is surprising because he hits an early 26-footer.  Instead of surveying the court for the driving lane or using a ball fake to draw Young off-balance, Al starts his drives before he identifies his destination.  

It’s nothing to worry about and, though it seems counter-intuitive, it’s probably not a bad thing to put up such an ugly TO number in a lost season.  If nothing else, it’ll earn Al an extended tape session.  Once he examines the evidence, Al will undoubtedly adjust his settings and add a little coolant. 

ADDENDUM: Brian Strayer, sales account ninja, came through once again for some floor seats just before halftime.  The game is so fast from that vantage point -- particularly when you're watching a freakishly athletic team like the Sixers.  Apparently, the seats became available when Andre Miller, who initially ordered the tix, flaked.  Andre, your discombobulation is much appreciated.