The Clippers played a nearly flawless game, but it's not unfair to suggest that reading tonight's box score is a little like perusing a hotel restaurant menu.  You need to discount the numbers a little to get an idea of how much each item is worth.  But it's fair to count Chris Kaman as an exception.  Though the overall matchup favored the Clips, Kaman had plenty to deal with in Alonzo Mourning. 'Zo is a double-diamond, a high seed to draw for any opposing center.  Kaman dominated 'Zo, going 9-12 from the field for 20.  His nine field goals:

  • [1st, 11:38]  As was the case all night, the Heat single-cover Chris here.  Kaman sets up low on the right side and gets prime position against 'Zo.  Easy entry pass from Shaun to Chris' outstretched left hand.  Chris swoops it up, sweeps the ball parallel to the arc, bangs 'Zo assertively with his right shoulder, and dribbles twice.  He then collects the rock cleanly, hops onto a spot with both feed, and assigns the ball to his left hand --- but not before he elevates.  With a gentle touch, Chris' left-handed hook is pure silk.
  • [1st, 10:10] After setting a screen on the opposite elbow earlier in the set on Dorell Wright for Maggette, Kaman cuts over to the low right block where he get the ball promptly from Q Ross.  Chris dribbles once right into the paint with his left hand, then spins baseline and hits the righthanded hook. 
  • [1st, 8:30]  Here, the Clippers are in the transition.  Chris, who collected the rebound on the other end, is trailing the play.  He breezes right past Mourning and Shaun picks him up immediately as he [Chris] dives toward the hoop.  Chris gets it from Shaun directly on the low, low right block.  Kapono comes over to challenge, but Kaman stops, then waits for Kapono's momentum to carry himself past, at which point Chris goes up for the little reverse layup. 
  • [1st, 3:50]  Very, very early into the set --- at :19 --- Ewing swings it into Kaman in the right mid-post against Michael Doleac. Two left-handed dribbles, then Chris stops.  He holds the ball for a minute, looking for help. Finding nothing much, he pivots left, then unloads while falling away, kissing the insane face-up 12-foot jumper off the glass.
  • [1st, 2:42] Because Doleac has jumped out to double Brand, Kaman sneaks underneath way, way, way low against poor Jason Kapono.  Brand struggles a little to get the pass over both Haslem and Doleac, but finds Kaman.  After one little dribble toward the middle of the lane, Chris collects it with the left and goes up with another hook shot. 
  • [2nd, 4:56] Chris again establishes deep against 'Zo.  Maggette zips him a quality entry pass, which Chris scoops up with his left.  One left-handed dribble, then this time he spins left.  Hops. Turns Baseline. Springs.  A beaut of a right-hander kissed off the glass.  And the foul. 
  • [3rd. 10:23] The Clippers have to slow up the break.  As Q backs out with it, Kaman is trailing.  He hits Kaman, who's cutting down the lane.  Kaman, in motion, catches it in the gut of the lane.  He dribbles once with his right, fluidly spins clockwise away from Kapono into Mourning, who was behind the play.  While drawing contact, Kaman goes up and hits the face-up right-hander.  Hits the FT. 
  • [3rd, 7:56] Off a long Maggette attempt, Chris bounces off Mourning to sweep the weak-side glass.  He collects it with his right and goes back up strongly. 
  • [4th, 4:00]  Chris sets a screen up top for Shaun, then quickly steps off it into the right mid-post against Earl Barron [Is it just me or does Barron look like he has the perceptible skills to have a legitimate NBA career?].   One left-handed dribble.  Spin baseline.  Right-hander off the glass. 

The Clips are lucky Isiah Thomas wasn't on the other bench, because EB and Kaman were in the game until the bitter end.  I was surprised we didn't see Aaron Williams or Paul Davis, but there may've been things Dunleavy wanted ironed out.  I'm sure Ron Rothstein has better things to be concerned about.