Just had an interesting conversation with Jonathan Givony of Draft Express fame.  Having spoken to officials of various European teams -- most specifically Benetton Treviso -- reports are that the Clippers are close to signing Josh Powell. Powell, who left NC State in 2005 2003 after two years, has bounced around Europe and the NBA, most notably with Dallas in '05-'06 and Golden State last year. He also spent some time in the D-League in '05-'06.  He averaged 10.8 PPG and 9.8 RPG in summer league.

Powell is a monster rebounder who, according to Givnoy, is "a freak athlete" who "left N.C. State too early and would've been a Top 20 picks had he stayed in school another year."  Powell is a technically sound player with a nice mid-range jumper.  "There's a reason that the best scouting teams in Europe keep giving him offers," says Givony.  While he's doesn't exactly have a traditional back-to-the-basket game, Powell is a heady pick-and-roll player who can "play off other guys," according to Givony.  "He hasn't gotten the playing time he needs to develop."  

Givony, who follows European basketball closely, tells me that Sofo Schortsanitis has had a rough time over the past year.  "He's not an NBA option right now."  Sofo has struggled to stay in shape, drawing the ire of the coaching staff both at Olympiacos and the Greek National Team.  "He was incredibly out of shape and was basically benched for the entire year...Even the Greek National Team doesn't want him." 

Too much Freddocino and animated skirt chasing?