Kelly Dwyer has a smart post on Shaun Livingston and his new contract with the Miami Heat:

As late as 2006-07, his last full season with the Los Angeles Clippers, Livingston was still trying to develop the sort of upper and lower body strength needed to not only become a starting-quality NBA guard (criticisms that have rightfully dogged him since his pre-draft workouts in 2004), but someone who could be counted on to play half an NBA game 65 times over the course of a season.

That was two years ago, and though the Clippers were and are a skinflint organization when it comes to bulking up in the strength and training department, it's going to take more than a change of practice court scenery for Livingston to turn things around.

That doesn't mean that he can't turn it around, or that 82 percent of basketball junkies out there wouldn't give 82 percent of their kidneys to see this kid working at full strength, but it's going to be another season of underwater work and treadmill time. That's just how things are going to flow, so we'd like to ask that we wait a while before presuming that the "finished" label works with Mr. Livingston. Apologies for repeating myself, but partially because it would depress the hell out of your humble narrator, and mainly because it wouldn't be true, even next June.

KD adds that, if and when Shaun is ready to perform on the court, there will be ample opportunity for him.  But...

So as a fourth guard, let's remind ourselves not to rail when he doesn't see but 14 minutes in a month, or can't see the court in a 30-point win or loss. This is still a rebuilding year, those legs (among other body parts) have to work themselves into passable NBA shape, and the guy just turned 23.

It can be said with good assurance that most of the league -- and a unanimous number in these parts -- hope Shaun's day is sooner than later.